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Social Media Influencer Law

Experienced Influencer Attorneys

Whether it began as a hobby or happened to you overnight, navigating the legal complexities of being an influencer on social media presents its own set of challenges.  From reviewing and negotiating influencer agreements, to advising on what a brand ambassador should and should not do online, we are here for you! Regardless of the platform, i.e. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, etc., we can advise and assist in all types of matters, including:

  • Endorsement Contracts

  • Influencer Agreements

  • Influencer Brand Agreements

  • Services Agreements

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Consulting

  • Product Liability Claims

  • Regulatory Compliance 

  • Entity Formation

  • General Legal Consulting, and more!

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A Few Benefits Of Working With Us



We will review and negotiate high risk contracts on your behalf. You can be confident that you are only signing contracts that are favorable to you and your business.


Dedication to Excellence

We will never just give you a template. All of the contracts and legal advise we give is customized to your needs.


Relieve Stress

We will negotiate the best contract terms and deals on your behalf.

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