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Startup Law

Startup Business Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

GK Law has a passion for entrepreneurship and startups.  One difference between a startup and a typical business is the fast growth potential with lots of financial risk.  Startups are companies designed to grow rapidly and scale without geographical constraints.  Oftentimes, startups are built around an exit strategy - the end goal in mind.  Structuring the business early on with trusted legal advice and a strong legal foundation will facilitate a successful exit when the time comes.  No matter how complex your situation might be, you can count on GK Law attorneys for quality startup services. Some common legal needs of a startup we can help with include:

  • Structuring your Startup

  • Planning your Startups Exit Strategy

  • Shareholder and Founder Agreements

  • Funding and Investor Agreements

  • IP Strategy

  • Capital Raising

  • Contract Preparation & Negotiation

  • And more!  Contact GK Law today for a free consultation

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A Few Benefits Of Working With Us


Legal Partnership

We act as your outside general counsel to help your business remain 100% compliant as it scales.


Dedication to Excellence

We never take short cuts when it comes to the legal side of your business.


Fast Turnaround

Growing startups move quick, but attorneys do not. We offer subscription plans to give you expedited turnaround on various legal projects.

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