Meet Your Attorney


Gaea Kassatly
Founder & Managing Attorney

During my senior year of undergrad at The Ohio State University, at the tail end of the 2008-2009 recession, I started a business with a small group. Implementing the right processes at the inception of the business was our priority. We created strong processes and ensured optimal efficiency. As a result, the business survived the recession, has since expanded to a second location and continue to survive today despite a pandemic that essentially rendered the business illegal (gathering of people). 


Any entrepreneur knows the excitement of creating a business and watching it thrive. Often times, that excitement supersedes the logical thought to have legal protection in place. That was the "L" that I took. As my relationship with the group ended, so did my involvement in the business. This experience inspired me to become an attorney so that I can help other entrepreneurs have the right legal protections in place as they build their passion into a business. 

I have worked with over 500 small business and startups around the world helping them implement the right safeguards to protect them from legal pitfalls and offering business advise along the way. I look forward to working with you!