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Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Have you heard of a virtual law office (or VLO) yet? If you haven’t, chances are you will. Law firms are well overdue for an evolution and their time is finally here.

VLOs are best suited for tech savvy, on-the-go, clients. A VLO is not like LegalZoom, because it includes well beyond transaction-based legal services. It is not like a traditional law office because it lacks a physical meeting space. A VLO has all the capabilities of a traditional law firm, but rather than in-person, you will meet with your attorney virtually.

Long are the days of searching for a law firm through the yellow pages, calling to schedule a consultation, getting dressed up, driving miles and miles away to a stuffy office with outdated decor, just to sit with an attorney for 15 minutes to determine whether he/she can even provide you with legal services. A VLO streamlines this process by allowing you to schedule appointments and hold meetings right from the comfort of your house, or really anywhere with an internet or telephone connection! VLOs do this by utilizing the latest secure technology to meet with you virtually, like via phone, FaceTime, Skype Business, or other available tools. If for whatever reason you need to meet your attorney in person, this can still be accomplished. Most attorneys at VLOs utilize shared office space or will opt to meet at your local cafe, when necessary.

Obviously with a virtual office, convenience is its greatest benefit. You can literally talk to your attorney anywhere, even when you’re on vacation. Additionally, VLOs provide high quality services — licensed attorneys versus a none-licensed legal service provider or program— but at a lower rate. That is because VLOs have much lower overhead costs since they avoid paying high real estate costs, so their savings are passed on to you. The only two cons of a VLO are that you rarely meet with your attorney in the flesh, and you must be a tech-savvy client. However, these cons are minimal and there is a workaround around each.

VLOs have just started establishing themselves. Pretty soon, they will be the equivalent of the evolution from brick & morter stores to online shopping. The future of law is now.


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